Why a G4Burner

My wife and I have been married since 1999 and have two beautiful children, Alyssa and Ashton.  Growing up in South Louisiana has really taught us the value of family and quality time.  Crawfish season provides us with the opportunity to gather with family, boil crawfish and most importantly, visit.  Not only do the adults look forward to family gatherings but the children do as well.  They often ask us, "When are we boiling crawfish again?", because they enjoy and appreciate family gatherings just as much as we do. 

After I built my first natural gas burner and realized the ease of not depending on propane and not feeling overwhelmed with having to prepare for our gatherings, I knew I needed to share the G4Burner with others. If you love gathering with family and friends as much as we do, but feel frustrated with the preparations, treat yourself to a G4Burner and then sit back and enjoy those around you.



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