Seafood Boil Recipe

1 sack of crawfish or crabs
1.5 boxes of salt
Prepackaged boiling seasons of your choice (I prefer Chackbay Crab Boil)
Vegetables (onions, garlic, lemons and any others your may prefer)
Mesh Bag(s)
Boiling Pot

Put vegetables in one mesh bag, corn and sausage in another and your potatoes in a third mesh bag.
Bring water (approx 7 gallons), salt, vegetables and seasoning to a boil. 
Add potatos and boil for 13 minutes
Add corn and sausage and boil for 3 minutes
Add crawfish/ crabs and bring back to a boil
Boil crawfish for 4 minutes or crabs for 10 minutes and turn off gas
Let crawfish soak for 10 to 15 minutes and crabs for 15 minutes

Open a beer and enjoy!

Please contact me with any questions and/or comments at include your phone number if this is a preferred contact method.


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